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City Officials

Sheldon A. Day


Mr. Day has served as Mayor of the City of Thomasville from 1996 to present day. He has worked diligently to assist in the growth of our community and the surrounding areas.  

Roy Waite

District 1

Mr. Waite currently represents District 1 on our City Council.  Roy serves on the city's finance committee, personnel board, and is the liaison for Thomasville's nursing home and the Fire Department.  

Reid Smith

District 2

Mr. Smith, our District 2 representative, is serving his first term on the City Council.  Reid also serves as the Golf and Parks & Recreation Board, Board of Education, and Cemetery Liaison. 

Bill Davis

District 3

Serving his third term as the District 3 City Councilman, Mr. Davis serves as the city liaison for the Industrial Development Board, Police Department, Healthcare Authority, and Water Board.  

Charles Allen

District 4

Our longest serving City Council Member and Mayor Pro-Tem, Mr. Allen also serves as the city liaison for the Street and Sanitation Department as well as serving on the city's Finance Committee.

Roy Madison

District 5

Our District 5 representative, Mr. Madison, is serving his first term on the City Council. Roy serves on the Water Board and Personnel Board and is the city liaison for the Public Library and Planning Commission. 

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